Skin Care Tips & Advice

There are certainly some off the wall skin care tips I can give all of you, and this may get a rise out of some of you, but hey, these are all 100% legit and can be tried and tested.  While these may be bizarre ways to keep your skin in top condition, they are highly effective.  If you are looking for some new skin care advice, this article is for you. Let’s start with some of the more off the wall skin care tips I can give you.  Many of these are situational, but they all fit into the lives of many of you and can certainly be effective if used properly.

First tip, for you smokers, do all you can to stop smoking.  Smoking is one of the worst things you can do if you care about your skin.  There are numerous toxins in cigarettes, and the habitual facial expressions actually induce wrinkles.  Think about how many times you see a life-long smoker with good skin.  It simply doesn’t happen.
So, while I would say that stopping smoking entirely is a great start to better skin, my tip for those of you who need the nicotine fix is this:  use an electronic cigarette.  There are numerous models out there, and by using an electronic cigarette, you are essentially keeping many of the toxins away from your skin.  While you are still making a habitual facial expression, the amount of toxins is greatly reduced when you don’t have actual smoke blowing around your face constantly.

Second, sleep on your back.  When you sleep on your stomach or on your side, you often times scrunch your face.  What this does is make the constant facial expressions, which as noted above, helps wrinkles form.  Try to sleep on your back as much as possible.  It can be difficult, but it’s proven as an effective way to prevent wrinkles.

Lastly, here is one to surely get a rise out of your family.  If you are looking to improve your skin’s texture and quality, cover yourself in an avocado.  Simply remove the pit and mash up the green material, and lather it all over your body.  Avocado’s are a great natural moisturizer, and using avocado on your skin can be a great way to smooth it out and add moisture.  Just be sure you have a shower handy so you can wash it off when you are finished.  If you look at some of the premier spa’s in the world, you will find that avocado body wraps are popular, as are facials that contain avocado as an ingredient.

While this advice may be off-the-wall, you can follow this skin care advice and be happy with the results these treatments leave on your skin.

Source: Healthy Media

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