Theraphy Of Breast Cancer

An increasing number of early lesions being diagnosed, the present trend is toward a more conservative surgical approach to breast cancer in conjunction with adjuvan radiation and, chemotherapy and hormonal therapy.


The procedure radical mastectomy consist of an en bloc dissection of the entire breast, together with the pectoralis major and minor muscles and the contents of the axilla. Breast reconstruction after mastectomy is an integral part of the treatment of breast cancer.

Radiation Therapy
Conservative surgery is almost always performed in conjunction with external radiation to the breast. External beam therapy is used, with 4500 to 5000 cGy delivered to the entire breast

Adjuvant Therapy
Current recommendation for adjuvant chemotherapy and hormonal theraphy as follows:

  • Premenopausal patients with estrogen receptor-ER negative tumor should receive adjuvant chemotherapy.
  • Premenopausal patients with ER positive tumor should be considered for hormonal therapy in addition to chemotherapy.
  • Postmenopausal with ER positive tumors who have negative nodes should be treated with adjuvant tamoxifent or both chemotheraphy and tamoxifen, and those with positive nodes should receive both tamoxifen and chemotherapy.
  • Postmenopausal with ER-negative tumors should receive adjuvant chemotherapy. (dr. rend-san)

Source: Theraphy Of Breast Cancer @ Healthy Media

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