Top 5 Social Networking Sites For Holistic, Organic Lifestyles

Social networking sites were created so that people could connect with current friends and make new ones.  Some social networking sites are for everyone while others gather individuals around common interests or common values.  Those with holistic organic lifestyles often have to put forth some effort to find kindred spirits and these 5 social networking sites can make finding like-minded individuals a lot easier. is a social networking site for those who want to change the world.  This social networking site can teach you about living a holistic lifestyle and connect you with people who share your holistic interest.  This site can also provide you with information regarding local businesses that possess this same awareness and the products that you might be seeking.  You can also make purchases or sell your products right on the site in addition to being able to read up on holistic lifestyle practices.  You can even find events and classes in your area at

Enerjized Life
Enerjized Life is another social network geared toward those living or interested in living holistic, organic lifestyles.  It is designed to be a sanctuary in a world that often overlooks the numerous benefits of holistic lifestyles.  This site allows you to connect with others who are following a more holistic path in life and provides you with information on how to do it yourself.  Enerjized Life focuses on holistic wellness topics and supplies information on the popular realm of anti-aging practices.

Holistic Herts
Holistic Herts may be a site with members that are based in Hertfordshire but it is open to anyone who is interested in holistic matters.  It is a newer site so it is your chance to get in on the ground floor of holistic discussions.  Your proximity to Hertfordshire will make in-person meetings more or less of a possibility but the beauty of social networking sites is that you can communicate no matter where you are.

Holistic Ireland
Holistic Ireland is a place for those who are interested in holistic lifestyles and holistic therapies too.  Even if you do not live in Ireland, this site will allow you to connect with those in another country who lead holistic lifestyles.  You can see how their holistic lifestyles differ from yours.  The cultural influences dictate the type of holistic lifestyles that most people lead so this site will show you how people do it outside of the US.

Holistic Social Network
The Holistic Social Network web site provides a forum in which you can make friends and learn about all things holistic.  This site features blogs, polls, various groups, music, videos, events, and a store.  This is a comprehensive site for the individual seeking a truly holistic lifestyle.

These top 5 social networking sites for holistic, organic lifestyles were all chosen because they had something unique to offer.  The fledgling one allows you to be a part of the discussions from the beginning while the established ones can provide all the information.  Whether you have been living holistically all your life or just wish to know what it’s all about, these social networks are for you.

Mary E. Ward writes about how get a masters in health care.

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