Dine Out and Stay Healthy!

People often wonder how to lose weight while eating out because the average meal there contains more than 1000 calories. Still, having a meal out of your house doesn’t always mean putting calories into your body out of control. You can keep your shape by choosing the right meal – the so-called healthy food – when you decide to have a dine out, and can still enjoy the “normal” meal.

The first thing to pay attention to is avoiding alcoholic beverage because such beverage contains a considerable amount of calories. Instead of having that kind of drink, try sipping non-caloric-sweetener-sweetened iced tea, a diet soft drink or simply water with lemon. Next is to have a salad as one of the best menus. Salad will fill you up so you’ll tend to consume fewer calories. Moreover, it will provide you a great deal of antioxidants which are benefits for your heart. But, be careful in choosing the dressing; a vinegar based ones are better than the cream based.

Then, you should not order an appetizer since some of the appetizers offered are often contains more calories than the main meal. They are frequently fried and served with heavy sauces, and that’s not a good way to start your meal. When you have come to the main menu pay attention to how the dishes are cooked. Pick ones which are broiled or grilled instead of fried ones. By doing so, you will both avoid trans fat in fried food and save calories as well as fat grams. Plus have a thought in ordering double vegetables for your course to obtain an optimal health. We do know that those are healthy food. Besides the before-mentioned tricks, stay on track to have tomato based sauces instead of, again, cream based ones, and have the sauce served in different dish which enables you to control the intake of calories you eat.

The fifth trick to stay healthy while dining out is to avoid overeating. Although many restaurants serve large quantities of food nowadays, you are not obliged to eat them all at once. Instead, you can put aside a portion of your entrée to be taken home with you once it’s delivered. Removing it from your plate before you begin enjoying your meal will reduce the temptation to overeat.

Finally, stay on course for healthy food and do not tempted to have sugary or fatty dessert. You can have a low fat or low carbohydrate dessert options such as cheesecake, or in case it’s not available, try coffee with skim milk. Thus, you’ll fulfill the need to end a meal with a sweet tone and have a healthy dessert at once. You can enjoy the healthy and yet delicious food without fearing the calories. Have a healthy food while out for dining by choosing the right menus.

Just copied from: http://riceburner.net/culinary/special-tips/18-dine-out-and-stay-healthy

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